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Logiswiftonline has extensive experience handling and delivery sensitive domestic and industrial products including consumer technology products like networking equipment, desktop and mobile computers, servers, cell phones and more.

Logiswiftonline delivers real-time, actionable information reliably and ensures optimal efficiency and on-time activities by utilizing advanced, custom software systems. Fully EDI capable, Fastexship’ systems interface with your trading partners to provide unprecedented product visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

Our global regional hubs offer a wide range of mission-critical technology, logistic, IT and security services to clients and its partners overseas. Through our overseas secure services to more than 250 diplomatic offices, across 160 countries, we support around 14,000 staff globally, as well as many more from other government departments co-located at posts under the One HMG ethos. We provide complete confidence that information and goods are where they need to be, when they need to be, uncompromised.

Road transport

We deliver to you any where door to door delivery.

Air freight

fast delivery with air freight to meet your needs.

Rail freight

For you heavy duty cargo, we've got you covered.
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